ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK's Engineers and Contractors Corporation (ACKM), headquartered in Mumbai, INDIA, is a multi-discipline engineering and management firm built on providing professional services for utilities, public and private agencies, and industrial clients. ACKM employs professionals with extensive engineering, construction oversight, and quality management experience for projects of varying size and scope. The firm�s experience covers a broad spectrum of projects including engineering and design related to power plants, substations, electric transmission and distribution systems, telecommunications and control systems. ACKM also provides environmental permitting and compliance and construction management.

ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK's staff consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians with specialized education and training in the following areas: electrical, mechanical, control systems, telecommunications, environmental, construction, inspection, and drafting. This expertise is backed by an administrative staff with industry-specific experience.

 Expert Support

ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK is committed to understanding the needs of each client and proactively designing solutions to meet their specific circumstances. We will foster this philosophy by having the ability to select expert individuals to address a wide range of issues providing all the necessary capabilities to support each project, and retaining expert individuals to address specific issues.


ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK understands the importance of maintaining schedule, especially in today�s fast track environment. This is why ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK remains flexible and works diligently to provide solutions quickly and accurately. This often requires ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK to work closely with the client, contractors and vendors to develop creative ways to get the job done within schedule restraints and to avoid costly delays.


ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK assigns a project coordinator for each project who is responsible for resolving client questions, expediting information, resolving interface issues and coordinating overall engineering and construction activities. This ensures a single point of responsibility, clear communication, and mitigation of operational risks to the client.

 Quality and Continuity

ACKM/APBJL/KEEBROOK has found continued success and a great deal of repeat business from our clients by emphasizing comprehensive project experience, professional engineering expertise, individualized support, reliability, responsiveness, and flexibility. We will continually strive to create long-term relationships by offering a wide range of services and capabilities to provide continuity of service to our clients.

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