ACKM Pithawalla Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Ashok Pithawalla Bob Jashmin Ltd., and APBJL-Alejandria Ltd. incorporated in the year 1988 by Ashok Pithawala to undertake erection, fabrication, startup, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance work of power projects, refinery projects, petrochemicals, oil & gas, fertilizer plants etc. and Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineering designs, drawings, specifications of various type of projects.

Both the companies can undertake erection, testing, commissioning of various type of plants such as stream power plants, combined cycle power plants and also fabrication and erection of all type of piping tanks, vessels etc.

The Engineering services provided also include drafting arrangement to augment additional engineers of the disciplines concerned according to the needs of the project can be accomplished in bare minimum time.

All staff have been with reputed engineering organizations in the past and have had experience ranging from 10 to 25 years in their respective fields of erection testing, commissioning and design and installation.






 Power Plant Engineering
ACKM/APBJL experience with a variety of power generation configurations enables our engineers to develop design solutions to meet the needs of each client
 Construction Management
ACKM/APBJL provides expert construction management personnel with the ability to manage and control every stage of the project while minimizing risk and cost overruns.
 Substation / T&D Engineering
For the power delivery system, ACKM/APBJL capabilities include system protection, controls, and substation and transmission design, expansion and upgrades.
 Owner's Engineering
ACKM/APBJL'S understanding of owner’s engineering challenges has resulted in the ability to successfully and seamlessly integrate our services into our clients’ projects, from planning through operation and maintenance, to provide value and individualized service to the client.
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