ACKM's staff consists of highly qualified engineers and technicians with specialized education and training in the following areas: electrical, mechanical, control systems, telecommunications, environmental, construction, inspection, and drafting. This expertise is backed by an administrative staff with industry-specific experience.

- Ashok C. Pithawalla - Chairman
- R. Keenan - President
- P. D. Hosing Consultant Engineering

Mr. Ashok Pithawalla worked as a Partner and Operations Director of C.K.G. Pithawalla Private Ltd., Bombay from 1970 to 1990.

Mr. Ashok Pithawalla worked as Partner and Operations Director of Pithawalla Engineering GmbH. Dusseldorf, West Germany from 1972 to till to date.

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 R. Keenan - President


APBJL-Keebrook Ltd.

Power generation including combined cycle and barge mounted turbines.
Refinery and cement plant construction.

 PRALHAD D. HOSING - Consultant Engineering

Mr. Pralhad D. Hosing completed his B.E. (Mech. & Elect) Hons University of Bombay Certificate Course in Business Management
from IIM Ahmedabad. and from 1994 Onwards he was working as  Engineering Consultant.

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Administration / HRD in Mechanical Construction work of Power plant etc since 22 years.
Since 1977 working with Pithawalla company and right from the very beginning contributed my Activities in following projects.

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