Erection, testing, commissioning and operation & maintenance on behalf of clients for all types of parts and site management services.

1. Detailed erection, procedure of power plant equipments, refinery, fertilizer, paper mills etc.

2. Preparation of detailed procedure for welding, N.D.T examination and post weld heat treatment.

3. Timely execution of schedules, efficient construction equipment, and skilled workers all contribute
to the successful delivery of quality work.

4. Deputing technicians, supervisory personnel for construction, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance work on behalf of clients for all types of plants and site management services.

1. Mechanical
  • Basic Engineering Equipments
  • List Process Flow Sheets
  • Enginnering Single Line
  • Diagrams Utility Diagrams
  • Fabricated equipment design
  • process Data sheet for boilers, turbines pumps, compressors, blowers, cooling, towers, refrigeration plants effluent treatment systems etc.
2. Detail Engineering Drawing etc.
  • Equipment
    Fabricated equipment detail drawings,tanks,vessels piping etc.
3. Specification Drafting
  • Properietory equipment detail drawings, tanks, vessels piping etc.
  • All piping systems.
4. Piping Drawing, Schedules Etc.
  • Piping plan and sections.
  • Piping isometrics
  • Piping support detailing
  • Piping & fitting Bill of quantities and material take off.
  • Value Bill Of materials.
  • Insulation & painging schedules.
5. Electrical
  • Electrical motor list.
  • Singler line & control schematic diagrams electrical equipments specification such as motors.
  • Switchgear cabling, transformers, M.C.C. etc.
  • Design distribution systems for power lighting cable layout.
  • Design protection systems.
6. Civil
  • Soil investigation with the back up of reputed companies.
  • Foundation design.
  • Framings, footing.
  • Column design in steel & R.C.C. Structural design.
7. Instrumentation
  • Instrument List
  • Instrument Process data sheets
  • Instrument Hook Up Diagrams
  • Instrument Layout
  • Instrument and Fittings Material Take Off.
8. Effluent treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment systems for variuous types of industries.
9. General
  • Furnishing information for obtaining statutory approval.
  • Procurement activities such as obtaining quotations technical evaluations placing orders, inspection and expediting.
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